Ana Noronha
PhD on non-linear dynamics
Is the Executive Director of Ciência Viva, coordinator of the European Space Resource Office ESERO in Portugal, a member of the ESA Advisory Committee on Education, and liaison with scientific institutions and companies and in the participation in European projects, namely H2020 spaceEU.
Chiara Manfletti
PhD Engineering, MEng Aeronautical Engineering, MSc Space Studies, MA History
Has worked at the German Aerospace Center, DLR, in the field of liquid rocket propulsion, worked at ESA as Programme Advisor to the Director General, was President of the Portuguese Space Agency, and is currently Director of Policy and Programmes Coordination at ESA.
Colonel Fernando Leitão
Master in Military Operational Art and Science
Has been a pilot, flight instructor, acrobatic flyer, and Commander for the Portuguese Air Force. He served as Technical Project Director, headed the Air Force Academy’s Flying Centre, acted as Military Advisor to the EU, and is currently Head of the Air Force's General Staff Planning Division.
Horácio Moreira
MSc Aerospace Engineering
Has been working for almost 10 years for Omnidea Lda., namely as an expert in space propulsion components as well as liquid-propellant thruster and engine prototypes. Currently, he assumes the roles of senior propulsion engineer and systems engineer for propulsion at the company.
Hugo André Costa
Master in Physics, MSc Space Studies, MBA
Worked at the FCT Space Office as Portuguese representative at ESA, in the space industry both in Space and Ground Segment, and at EUMETSAT in the Copernicus Programme Office. Currently, he is a member of the Executive Board of the Portuguese Space Agency.
Jacob Skov Larsen
MSc in Electronics and Control Engineering
Had already worked as a R&D engineer involved in the field of gas turbines and turbomachinery for almost 10 years, when he switched to the
satellite sector, where he currently works as a System Engineer at Rovsing A/S. Alongside his professional occupation, Jacob is vice-chair of
Copenhagen Suborbitals (CS).
Luiz Manuel Braga da Costa Campos
Professor Emeritus
Professor Emeritus Luiz Manuel Braga da Costa Campos (PhD Engineering) is a decorated scholar, researcher, author of countless publications, and highly requested expert in international organisations (EU, ESA, ESF, UN, AGARD/RTO, here: recipient of the von Karman Medal) with expertise in the fields of aeronautics and space, applied mathematics, and physics of continuous media.
Manuel Wilhelm
PhD, MSc Mechanical Engineering
Started his career as an intern with Lufthansa Technik, worked as a researcher in the field of gas turbine aero- and thermodynamics, and is currently Industrial Relations and Projects Officer at Portugal Space with focus on Space Transport and Exploration.
Miguel Moreira
Associate Professor Miguel Moreira (PhD Astrophysics, MSc. and BSc. Theoretical Physics
Has over 15 years of experience in developing and implementing aviation-related higher education curricula. He is co-founder of the
Standardization Technical Committee CT190 on Aviation, Space and Defense at IPQ, is an airplane private pilot, and worked at the G Air Training Center, where he also served as the Director. Currently, he is Quality Manager of the LPSO Municipal Aerodrome and Senior Consultant for Strategic Development of the Ponte de Sor Aerospace Cluster.
Patrícia Matos Nogueira
Master’s in political science and international relations, degree in international relations
Joined ANACOM in 1998, being the Portuguese delegate to the international satellite organizations (EUTELSAT IGO, IMSO and ITSO). She has been part of the European Affairs area, as well as the telecom regulatory cooperation group, and the Space Authority Working Group. Currently, she is in co-charge for Space Authority issues.
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