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The European Rocketry Challenge – EuRoC is the first rocket launch competition for European university teams. The Portuguese Space Agency created the competition in 2020 and has since gathered teams from various European countries in the Alentejo region. Based on constant and sustained growth, the 2023 edition of the competition has the support of the Portuguese Army and the Municipality of Constância.



The Paddock, where the teams arrive to assemble their rockets, is located at the Municipal Sports Pavilion of Constância. Here the students are subject to the evaluation of the Technical Evaluation Board, which also advises on enhancing the rockets’ performance. In this usually fast-paced environment, the teams also get to know each other. Finally, the paddock also hosts workshops promoted by EuRoC sponsors and the Closing Ceremony where all the prizes are awarded.


The Santa Margarida Military Camp hosts the most thrilling moments of EuRoC, in the launch site. Home to the rockets’ launch since EuRoC’s second edition (2021), the Military Camp is located approximately 10 km from the Municipal Sports Pavilion of Constância. At this site, teams have everything they need to ensure all goes right when rockets go up.

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    By promoting the European Rocketry Challenge, the Portuguese Space Agency wants to stimulate young people’s interest in STEM (Sciences, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics). Education has been a strategic pillar of the Portuguese Space Agency’s action plan since its foundation in 2019. It is explicit in the Portugal Space 2030 strategy, which calls for the need to stimulate technical skills, train and attract qualified human resources, and promote activities in collaboration with European and international partners through scientific research, innovation, education, and the promotion of scientific culture. Portuguese With EuRoC, the Portuguese Space Agency compromises to gather the interest of universities and their students in the competition and STEM. The competition is also getting more applications by the year (more than 46 in 2023), which shows that EuRoC has become the place for European rocketeers.
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    Contribute to the development of technological skills and the promotion of a scientific and innovational culture among young university students, broadening the base of future professionals and strengthening the means that will ensure the sustainability of the aerospace sector in Portugal.
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    To attract and involve national and international partners in supporting the expansion of the aerospace industry, with a particular focus on the emerging new formats of the so-called “NewSpace”.
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    To stimulate synergies between academia and the aerospace industry that promote innovation and competitiveness in the sector, contributing to the creation of highly qualified jobs.
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    To demonstrate that Portugal is in a position to hold a unique European-level event in the field of aerospace engineering and, in particular, in the experimental launcher component.
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    Motivate and encourage young people to pursue careers based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), strengthening competences in the area of Space through research, education and scientific culture.

Recognizes the best technical report, displaying the ability to document clearly, correctly, and without unnecessary complication a complex technical system, aided by high quality figures, exhibiting exceptional quality in all formal aspects, making it an enjoyable and enriching read.

Honors the overall best design implementation, which displays a high competency in all its characteristics, is based on stringent strategic decisions, provided an exceptional challenge to realize, and might even go beyond pure rocketry to put special attention towards its innovation and/or payload.

The team that has displayed an outstanding effort as working as a unit towards a common goal, by being exceptionally organized, reliable, and prepared in all aspects of the competition, be it deliverables, communi-cation, or operation, and goes above and beyond to display a great sense of team spirit and sportsmanship.

Measures the degree of merit in meters away from the target apogee, but also by the state of the rocket after recovery, and thus honors designs that not only survive the harsh contact with reality, but furthermore represent an incredible achievement in concept, simulation, system integration, control, and practical realization.

Awarded to the team that has displayed excellence across the board in all aspects of the competition, honoring an overall exceptional and well-balanced effort without cutting back on any of one of the competition aspects, be it technical documentation, design implementation, team effort, or flight performance, thus identifying a truly remarkable effort and achievement.

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Registration closed on September 30th.
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